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Insurance and Office Questions

Are you open Saturdays?

We are not open Saturday, but we are open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M, Tuesday 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., and Friday 7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

You have my insurance information on file, why do you need to see my card again?

We must scan your card every year in order to bill correctly. The ID, Group number, phone numbers or addresses to the insurance company can change without you even realizing it. It also protects you from insurance fraud.

Why didn't my insurance pay for my services?

It may have been applied to your deductible copay or co-insurance for that year. The explanation of benefits you receive from your insurance company will explain the reason behind your personal claim denial. Contact us for additional assistance.

What kind of warranties do my frame and lenses have?

All of the glasses purchased with us automatically come with a one-year warranty against any manufacturer defects. Please see our opticians for further details on our warranties.

What are my eyeglass and contact lens benefits?

Most medical insurance plans do not cover material in optical and/or for contact lens fittings and contact lenses. If you have a benefit within your plan, it is up to the patient to inform us of this benefit. We highly recommend patients to contact your insurance company with any benefit questions regarding materials and exams.

In cases of VSP or Eyemed, each patient's plan is different. We will pull an authorization the day of your service to verify your benefit for that year.

Contact Lens Questions

Why is the Contact Lens Exam not part of my Routine Exam and how much does it cost?

A routine exam consists of a comprehensive exam and refraction. A contact lens evaluation entails more procedures to make sure the contact lens still fits properly on the eye and that we have the correct prescription. This fee also includes any contact lens related visits for the following year. The fee for the contact evaluation varies from patient to patient, depending on prescription and if you have been a previous contact lens wearer or not. Contact us for additional assistance.

Eye Health & Glasses Questions

Why are my eyes so dry, red and itchy?

Allergies are probably the most common reason along with a dry environment. Contact lens over wear, negative reaction to contact lens solutions, and certain medications can also cause dry eye. We recommend using eye drops to help alleviate some dryness. If you have additional questions, contact us for assistance.

What is the benefit of having the Optomap done?

The Optomap is a non-invasive procedure that allows your doctor to see a much broader and more detailed view of the retina than is possible with conventional methods. When reviewed, the scan becomes a permanent part of your medical file, enabling your doctor to make important comparisons should potential vision threatening conditions show themselves at a future examination.

My vision is blurry when I work on the computer, should I have computer glasses?

Without computer eyeglasses, many computer users often end up with blurred vision, eye strain, and headaches — all symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. Worse still, many people try to compensate for their blurred vision by leaning forward, or by tipping their head to look through the bottom portion of their glasses. Both of these actions can result in a sore neck, sore shoulders and a sore back. If you are experience any of the symptoms, please contact us for additional help.

Are some no-line bifocals better than others?

There are many different lens designs and materials. We use all of the newest and most sophisticated technologies including digital lenses which produce a noticeable improvement in clarity and comfort. There are a lot of older designs that are still available which we can offer at a lower cost. But with todays lens designs, nearly everyone can wear progressive lenses successfully.

Frame Questions

What kind of frames do you carry?

We have a large selection with over 1,200 frames to choose from. Many different styles and fashions for men, women and children. Visit our Optical page for a list of brands and styles we offer.

I have skin allergies, do you carry frames that won't cause skin irritation?

We have many frames that will work for you. Titanium and stainless steel are good metals to look for. Plastic frames are also very popular and should not cause any reactions to your skin. Let us know when you come in and we will direct you to the right frames.

Dear valued patient,

We take our commitment to keeping our patients and team safe and healthy inthe midst of this COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. We want to share our plan to comply with social distancing guidelines for your upcoming appointment. Please carefully read the steps below and follow our direction when you arrive. Our team will all be wearing masks and we ask that you bring one with you to wear during your visit (for everyone’s safety, we are requiring staff and patients to wear masks).

We ask patients to complete necessary paperwork online if possible. Click here to access the forms. You may also choose to text a photo of your insurance card and photo ID to the clinic at 763-537-3213.

When you arrive for your appointment, enter the main doors and wait in the front alcove until a staff member greets you. Our front desk team will ask you general health questions to rule out the presence of COVID-19 symptoms.

We are asking that only the patient enter the building for the exam. (Exceptions: Children under 18 may be accompanied by one guardian, and adults with special needs may be accompanied by one caretaker.)

When you enter the building:

Staff will ask you to use hand sanitizer and then you will complete any necessary paperwork that you were not able to complete online, and we will make copies of your insurance card and photo ID if you did not text a picture of them to us.

Prior to seeing your doctor, a technician will escort you to a pre-testing room where you will be asked to wash your hands. We ask that you follow the CDC’s recommendation of washing your hands thoroughly, for a full 20seconds, with soap and water.

Rest assured that every surface and every piece of equipment you come into contact with has been sanitized prior to the arrival of each and every patient entering our practice, and it will be cleaned again as you exit each area.

The team will be frequently washing their hands between interactions as per our usual protocol, and you’ll also see hand sanitizer throughout the practice for your use, as well.

Optical – Shopping for Glasses, Adjustments and Repairs, and Glasses Pick-up

We are scheduling appointments for all optical needs. Please call the clinic at 763-537-3213 to schedule your appointment.

When you are shopping for glasses, one of our ABO certified opticians will ask you to be seated at a station where you will discuss your needs, likes and dislikes. To ensure social distancing, the optician will bring frames to you so you can try them on at the station. The optician will continue to bring frames to you until you find the perfect pair!

We sterilize every frame a patient touches in a UV Cleaning Unit after a shopping appointment so you can be assured any frame you try on has been sanitized prior to your visit.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us. We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you for your patience and cooperation,

Your Crystal Vision Clinic Eye Care Team


We sterilize every frame a patient touches in a UV Cleaning Unit after each shopping appointment so you can be assured any frame you try on has been sanitized prior to your visit.